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Intel Unveils New Tools in Its Advanced Chip Packaging Toolbox

  News: This week's Semicon West in San Francisco, Intel Engineering leaders provided an update to the advanced Intel packaging opportunities, and presented new building blocks, including the innovative emib and folding together and use a new connection technology (ODI). Combined with world-class processing technology Intel the ability to unlock new packaging innovations customers and delivers computer systems of tomorrow.   smoothtechi "Our vision is to develop the technology leadership technology for connecting chips and Chaklets in a package to match the functionality of a monolithic system, en-chips. Heterogeneous our approach provides unprecedented flexibility architects chip for mixing and combining IP blocks and process technology using different memory elements, and input / output of a new device form factors. Intel vertically integrated structure provides an advantage in an era of heterogeneous integration, which gives us an unparalleled ability to coordinate the ar

while using Arduino(2)


while using Arduino(2)



From revel in, this error may be cleared via some thing as easy as turning off your PC’s Bluetooth or WiFi Connectivity. However, a greater entire and permanent answer is to update the JRE in the Arduino bundle with a current version.

6. Serial Port Already in Use

This is probably one of the simplest errors to remedy. It commonly takes place while you try to add code to an Arduino whilst the serial reveal is opened (that is no longer an trouble if the use of latest IDE versions) or whilst you try to launch the serial reveal while the Arduino is speakme to some other software program or device thru the serial port. Essentially, it occurs when you attempt to use the Arduino serial port for two various things at the equal time.


Just like the IDE advised, close every other software/device (which include the serial display/plotter) that can be using the com port. If you aren't certain of the particular software, clear the Arduino. It should be complete to go by the time you plug it back.

7:  Draught Upload Successfully however Nothing Happens

This blunders is just like a number of the alternative errors already treated above. For this mistake, the Arduino IDE will propose the code has been uploaded effectively, but the board does not anything.


Ensure the board selected inside the IDE is similar to the goal board.

This will be as a result of the caricature size being larger than the board’s capacity. Check the caricature size and use some of the strategies mentioned above to lessen the dimensions.

Lastly, this error may want to occur whilst a loud energy supply is being used. Ensure the power supply is stable sufficient.

8. Unsatisfied Link Error

This is probably the best rare blunders that made it onto this list. This takes place if you have an vintage version of the conversation library lying around to your PC, most probable from a preceding set up.


To clear up this mistake, look for comm.Jar or jcl.Jar in /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.Framework/ or in directories for your PC’s CLASSPATH or PATH environment variables.

9. Sketch Too Large

This error takes place whilst your code is larger than the flash memory of that precise Arduino board. The length of the flash memory of the Arduino Uno, as an instance, is 32Kb with 2KB already being utilized by the Arduino bootloader. If you must upload a code with a size higher than 32Kb, the Arduino will display this caution.


As cited above, this happens while your caricature is bigger than the flash memory of the specific board you are the usage of, hence, to resolve this, you need to locate methods of lowering the amount of space occupied by way of your code. Some of the pointers for attaining this include;

Where possible, use integer records sorts in vicinity of a flow.

Where viable use the “const” qualifier whilst asserting variables.

Include vital libraries only. Where feasible, use the lightweight versions of the maximum important libraries.

Improve at the code typically. Develop algorithms that could assist make your code shorter and usually lightweight.

A greater radical answer could be to transport the venture to every other board, just like the Arduino Mega, which has a bigger flash memory likened to the Uno.

10.  Java.Lang.Stack Overflow Error

When processing the draught, the Arduino uses some everyday expressions for processing and now and again receives careworn while it encounters positive strings related errors like lacking prices.


This errors is solved by taking a 2nd have a look at the code, specially the elements in which string sequences are used. Ensure the charges are whole, backslashes are rightly used and many others.

There is a restriction to the wide variety of mistakes that you can still fit right into a single educational and for this reason, we can forestall right here. However, this list consists of a number of the most common errors beginners face when the usage of the Arduino. Are you battling a particular mistakes, feel free to drop a remark, hopefully, we will work thru it collectively.

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