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Intel Unveils New Tools in Its Advanced Chip Packaging Toolbox

  News: This week's Semicon West in San Francisco, Intel Engineering leaders provided an update to the advanced Intel packaging opportunities, and presented new building blocks, including the innovative emib and folding together and use a new connection technology (ODI). Combined with world-class processing technology Intel the ability to unlock new packaging innovations customers and delivers computer systems of tomorrow.   smoothtechi "Our vision is to develop the technology leadership technology for connecting chips and Chaklets in a package to match the functionality of a monolithic system, en-chips. Heterogeneous our approach provides unprecedented flexibility architects chip for mixing and combining IP blocks and process technology using different memory elements, and input / output of a new device form factors. Intel vertically integrated structure provides an advantage in an era of heterogeneous integration, which gives us an unparalleled ability to coordinate the ar

An Engineer's Introduction to Electric Vehicles (EVs)

  An Engineer's Introduction to Electric Vehicles (EVs) According to a forecast by using International Energy Agency, the usage of Electric Vehicles will grow from 3 million to one hundred twenty five million by way of the yr 2030. That is nearly forty one times of what it is nowadays, with the growing demand of fossil gasoline and troubles with pollution it seems most in all likelihood to occur. Owing to that, all predominant IC Engine Car producers like Ford and GM are slowly turning their interest toward the Electric Vehicles. The marketplace and customers are in want for a inexpensive non-public transportation or even on top of that, the government has commenced assisting Electric Vehicles via its rules. Considering some of these statistics it's far quite tons obtrusive that very soon we can discover Electric Cars zooming all around our Roads. Or ought to I additionally include the Space, wherein there's already one Tesla automobile traveling past Mars as I write this

Engineer's Introduction(1)

  Engineer's Introduction(1) Cell The mobile refers to a unmarried battery. There many exclusive shapes and sizes for a cell primarily based on the chemistry. Most typically used chemistry is the Lead-Acid Batteries and Lithium Batteries. These batteries are to be had in many different shapes like cylindrical, Coin, Prismatic and Flat type few of which might be shown below. The voltage rating of the cells (according to cell) might be everywhere from 3.7V for a lithium batteries and a maximum of 12V for Lead-Acid batteries. But, as you may have guessed this voltage isn't sufficient to run an electric powered automobile. The Tesla for instance has a battery % voltage of 356 Voltas and even for a everyday electric powered bi-cycle we need at least 36V so how can we get this better voltage from lithium cells that are handiest 3.7V? Battery Module So to get the higher voltage from three.7v lithium cells, battery-operated packs are used which can be fashioned by means of co

Engineer's Introduction(2)

  Engineer's Introduction(2)   Electric Vehicle Motors While batteries are the gasoline tanks of an EV, the motors are the Engines of them. There are many forms of Motors used in EV and the one used for Scooters and motorcycles is totally one-of-a-kind form the only that is used in cars. Let’s consume a rapid look on the commonly used ones which are BLDC vehicles, Brushed DC vehicles and AC Induction Motor. A greater precise article on EV cars could be blanketed later. BLDC Motors: BLDC Motors were the selection for EV’s from its origin in 1900. Even today it's miles normally used in Electric cycles and scooters. BLDC stands for Brush Less DC motor, those automobiles have a regular torque and rapid reaction making it suitable for car packages. Apart from EV’s those cars also are used in wipers, electricity home windows etc. The BLDC motor for EV can once more be labeled into the following two types BLDC Hub Motors In BLDC Hub kind motor, the rotor of the magnet is t

Engineer's Introduction(3)

  Engineer's Introduction(3)   Controller There is a superb chance that this query already struck you. We know EV runs on battery that are DC powered and we've vehicles that run on 3 section AC. How will each of those paintings together? This process is taken automobile by means of the Controller, from a primary bi-cycle till a Tesla Roadster every EV has its very own controller that converts the DC voltage from the Battery to a appropriate degree for the Motors to run. It additionally controls the rate of the motor. The controller receives all of the inputs shape the user like the amount of throttle (acceleration), breaks stress, using mode and so forth and controls the speed of the motor thus. If vehicles are taken into consideration to the muscle of a car, controller is its mind. A controller is often a widespread time period and it would consist of other circuits like a DC-DC converter, Speed controller, Inverter and many others. The DC-DC converter is used to contr

while using Arduino(1)

  while using Arduino(1)   3. The code does not start on Power Rearrange This refers to bags where the Arduino does now not run the cartoon uploaded to it whilst powered On and in maximum instances, simply reverts lower back to the blink cartoon associated with the bootloader. Solution Just like the other troubles handled there are a number of things that could motive this .": If the board hangs and does not anything, you must test your code to ensure you are not sending serial statistics to the board because it comes on. When the Arduino is swapped on, the bootloader, inside the first few seconds, listens for the computer to send it a new comic strip for upload to the board. If no sketch is received, after a short even as, the bootloader will day trip and run the ultimate cartoon uploaded to the board. If your code is sending serial information at some point of the first short time, the bootloader will not time out and the closing comic strip uploaded to the board wil

10 Most Common Mistakes while using Arduino

  10 Most Common Mistakes while using Arduino Starting out as a learner with the Arduino, can be quite difficult for people without electronics heritage, you’d come upon errors, a number of which might also have simple solutions but may take you days to remedy. So to make matters a bit bit easier, I even have  techsupportreviews  created a listing of 10 maximum famous Arduino errors along side possible answers to them. 1. Arduino Board now not Recognized This refers to a scenario where an Arduino board, related to a computer is not identified through the laptop. When this takes place, the board is generally no longer indexed below the port lists of the Arduino IDE and is sometimes categorized USB2.Zero beneath the device manager. Solution This happens while you use positive reasonably-priced Arduino clones which use the CH340g USB to Serial converter chip as opposed to the FTDI (FT232RL) and others used by the same old Arduino boards. The motorists for USB to Serial Chips use

while using Arduino(2)

  while using Arduino(2)   Solution From revel in, this error may be cleared via some thing as easy as turning off your PC’s Bluetooth or WiFi Connectivity. However, a greater entire and permanent answer is to update the JRE in the Arduino bundle with a current version. 6. Serial Port Already in Use This is probably one of the simplest errors to remedy. It commonly takes place while you try to add code to an Arduino whilst the serial reveal is opened (that is no longer an trouble if the use of latest IDE versions) or whilst you try to launch the serial reveal while the Arduino is speakme to some other software program or device thru the serial port. Essentially, it occurs when you attempt to use the Arduino serial port for two various things at the equal time. Solution Just like the IDE advised, close every other software/device (which include the serial display/plotter) that can be using the com port. If you aren't certain of the particular software, clear the Arduin

Circuit Switch and Packet Switching(1)

  Circuit Switch and Packet Switching(1)   Three Phases in Circuit switching Communication The begin to the end verbal exchange in Circuit Switching is achieved the use of this formation- During the Setup phase, inside the circuit switching community, a   techwadia  committed routing or connection course is mounted between the sender and the receiver. At this period End to End addressing, like supply deal with, vacation spot address is have to create a connection between two bodily devices. The circuit switching occurs within the bodily layers. Data switch best happens after the setup segment is finished and most effective when a physical, committed path is installed. No addressing approach is worried on this phase. The switches use time slot (TDM) or the occupied band (FDM) to course the    techgeeksblogger   information from the sender to the receiver. One thing wishes to remember the fact that the data sending is continuous and there can be durations of silence in records

An Overview of Circuit Switch and Packet Switching

  An Overview of Circuit Switch and Packet Switching What is switching? In cutting-edge world, we're linked with everyone, either by means of net or by means of a smartphone connection. In this massive community, when a cellphone call is made, or while we get admission to a few internet site, the information get transferred from one network to the alternative network. Even to get admission to a simple webpage, many computers (servers) are accessed to offer you the favored statistics you are seeking out. Whether you are inner a closed community or in a massive network phase, Switching is the maximum important mechanism which exchanges   techqueer   the data among specific networks or extraordinary computer(s). Switching is the way which directs facts or any digital records towards your community until the stop factor. Suppose you are looking any sort of circuit related   digitalknowledgetoday  information at the net or searching out a hobby venture in electronics, or if you op

Circuit Switch and Packet Switching(2)

  Circuit Switch and Packet Switching(2)   This approach use Store and Forward techniques. So every hop will keep the packet first and then forward the packets to the subsequent host vacation spot. Each packet consists of manipulate records, supply address and vacation spot address. Due to this packets can use any route or paths in an present network.  computersmarketing VC Based Packet Switching VC based totally bundle switching is a style of packet switching wherein a logical path or digital circuit connection is done between sender and receiver. VC stands for Virtual Circuit. In this mode of packet switching operation, a predefined path is created and all packets will observe the predefined paths. All routers or switches which might be concerned inside the logical connection are supplied a unique Virtual Circuit ID to uniquely perceive the virtual connections. It additionally has the same 3-section protocol utilized in circuit switching, Setup Phase, Data Transfer Phase and