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Intel Unveils New Tools in Its Advanced Chip Packaging Toolbox

  News: This week's Semicon West in San Francisco, Intel Engineering leaders provided an update to the advanced Intel packaging opportunities, and presented new building blocks, including the innovative emib and folding together and use a new connection technology (ODI). Combined with world-class processing technology Intel the ability to unlock new packaging innovations customers and delivers computer systems of tomorrow.   smoothtechi "Our vision is to develop the technology leadership technology for connecting chips and Chaklets in a package to match the functionality of a monolithic system, en-chips. Heterogeneous our approach provides unprecedented flexibility architects chip for mixing and combining IP blocks and process technology using different memory elements, and input / output of a new device form factors. Intel vertically integrated structure provides an advantage in an era of heterogeneous integration, which gives us an unparalleled ability to coordinate the ar

5 Gmail Features That Will Surprise You

 Over time, Gmail's features have increased considerably as it has grown in popularity.

Something normal, on the other hand, if we consider that the famous Google mail client is one of the most used in the world.

However, there are many who do not know its full potential beyond what they may know to create an account in gmail or send emails. redditbooks

For this motive, in this post we will reveal some of the most curious and possibly unknown Gmail functions for many.

Curious and surprising Gmail functions

Few email clients have as many functions as Gmail, some so surprising that some call them tricks and the truth is that some seem like magic. Let's see what they are:  healthbeautystudio

1. Schedule mailing

Of all the functions of Gmail, this is possibly one of the most useful, since it allows you to plan the sending of emails in advance.

Simply press the arrow on the send button and you can schedule the message to be sent on the date and time that suits you best.

With this function you can continue sending emails even while you sleep, which can be very useful.

2. Send in confidential mode

As if it were a spy game, Gmail also allows you to program the self-destruction of an email after a certain time.

This is very useful when you want the recipient to be unable to save, download or forward the mail.

You just have to click on the icon that looks like a padlock with a small clock that is located at the bottom right of the send button. superhealthiness

You can even set a secret code to open it, which will be sent by SMS or email only to the recipient.

3. Use other email accounts in Gmail

Gmail also allows you to integrate several emails in the same account, so that it is possible to send emails with different addresses using the same inbox.

To do this, simply go to the "Send as" section found in the "Accounts and Import" tab of the configuration menu.

Once there, click on "Add another email address" and you can add as many addresses as you want.

4. Smart writing

Also known as predictive text, smart writing can complete your sentences as you type to make your writing faster.  techiescity

Predictive text is certainly not a very new invention, but Google has given it another turn so that it even learns your way of writing and imitates it better.

The “Smart Compose” option is found in the “General” section of the configuration menu. To activate it, simply click on "Activate writing suggestions".

5. Cancel sent emails

Finally, a function that is found with the naked eye and not everyone knows that it exists. This is the possibility of canceling the emails sent so that they do not reach their destination.

You just have to press the "Undo" option that appears immediately on the screen when you send an email, next to the "Message sent" notice. tophealthfitnesstips

Of course, you will only have a maximum period of 30 seconds to be able to repent and use this option.

This is just a small sample of the many possibilities that Gmail offers, but the popular email client has many other functions that can be of great help. If you know any you can share it in the comments. fashionglee


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