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Intel Unveils New Tools in Its Advanced Chip Packaging Toolbox

  News: This week's Semicon West in San Francisco, Intel Engineering leaders provided an update to the advanced Intel packaging opportunities, and presented new building blocks, including the innovative emib and folding together and use a new connection technology (ODI). Combined with world-class processing technology Intel the ability to unlock new packaging innovations customers and delivers computer systems of tomorrow.   smoothtechi "Our vision is to develop the technology leadership technology for connecting chips and Chaklets in a package to match the functionality of a monolithic system, en-chips. Heterogeneous our approach provides unprecedented flexibility architects chip for mixing and combining IP blocks and process technology using different memory elements, and input / output of a new device form factors. Intel vertically integrated structure provides an advantage in an era of heterogeneous integration, which gives us an unparalleled ability to coordinate the ar

Employee Onboarding and offboarding; Then and Now

 Organizational access involves planning, implementing, and controlling a described direction for new hires to benefit get admission to and emerge as personnel of the organization.

New employees show themselves throughout the hiring system to get into an agency. Employee onboarding will help them to apprehend how an employer can deliver them a perspective to prove themselves when they get commenced. construction bolts 

No worker joins with a goal to go away but can revel in the concern of the unknown. So, making an excellent impact on them within the first few days may be very essential even before they start.

Employee Onboarding will assist new hires to study the center values and behaviors of the company to end up efficient with the aid of building relationships with colleagues. It ought to increase beyond the first week of a worker. It can remain everywhere from a month to 12 months.  techbizcenter

In many groups, onboarding is often burdened with orientation. Filling out essential paperwork, taking part in arms-on schooling, socializing with co-workers, and expertise the agency tradition on the primary day of joining isn't the stop of the worker onboarding process.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is a gap for the brand new hire to attach passionately with the company’s imaginative and prescient and subculture. It has to give them all of the tools and sources they want to come to be glad and effective participants of the group as rapidly as feasible. At the equal time, it have to deliver them a real impact of an organization, so they stick around lengthy-term.  technologywebdesign

In coMakeIT, Orientation isn't always structured to be an education application, but it's far a social function that assists as a familiarization program furnished to a brand new employee.  We name it a ‘studying us’ software which includes.

•Overview of the enterprise

•Policies, procedures, policies, and policies

•Employee Benefits

•Health, safety, and environment

•Tour of Facilities

•Department features and there assigned responsibilities and Responsibilities

Our onboarding efforts start once the worker has prevalent the provide. We create a checklist that includes what wishes to be achieved before they start paintings, at some stage in the first week, and beyond. lifebloombeauty

•As soon as they’ve regular the process, we can ship the specified paperwork thru e mail and that way we create a more personal enjoy. This manner, we will be spending more time with a brand new rent, as opposed to anticipating them to fill out forms on the joining day.

•We will be in consistent contact with them to cope with any in their issues in advance.

•A few days earlier than they start work, we do a friendly reminder call sharing how excited we are to have them join our team. We give them the vital statistics that might be needed on their first day at office.

•To in addition alleviate any first-day jitters we will percentage the contact listing of people to attain for any help they need on joining day.

•It may be unnerving to stroll into a new activity if no person knows who you are or what your role is. To prevent this from taking place, we raise tickets to related shared service departments introducing earlier who the brand new employee might be, so each person knows how they’ll in shape into the onboarding system.

•To make the brand new employee experience special we welcome them with a new Joining kit which incorporates some beneficial goodies. Everyone likes items, whether or not it is small or huge and it's going to brighten their first day from the start.  futuretechexpert

•We set up our new lease a easy, stocked, and organized place to paintings proper from the start to make them sense like they could start being effective proper off the bat earlier than they arrive.

•To make the workplace tour more exciting, we permit our new lease understand in which humans meet at some point of the breaks, we display them an amazing location to get a few quiet questioning carried out with the aid of giving them a sense of what our office is all about in an effort to help them high-quality-track to their new surroundings proper away.

•We introduce co-people and the group to new worker faster after orientation. This will assist them to adjust to the brand new surroundings quicker and lead them to at ease.

•We additionally encompass our new worker’s headshot and a short bio within the dashboard with a view to be displayed on TV at some stage in the week letting all of the employees know their new teammate so the group can enthusiastically and absolutely welcome him/her also welcome mail will be shared at some stage in out the business enterprise on the same day.

•We assure them that they can attain us any time any day in the event that they have questions and want any help. This little consider will assist them fear-free and cause them to give attention to their new function in the company understanding that we're there to help.

•We ensure all of the important information to reach all of the important departments like insurance, finance, and helpdesk approximately the new worker at the equal day to kick begin the brand new journey smoothly.


Induction is part of onboarding in an effort to assist new personnel to study and adapt in the organizational culture, middle values, and display them how interconnected he/she is to absolutely everyone inside the company.

Successful worker induction is an ongoing procedure and it doesn’t absolutely stop after the brand new starter’s first day, week, or maybe month as a way to engage our recruits, we make sure they develop into their roles, and, in the end, bypass their probationary length before they attend our induction program as a way to be deliberate in every 2 to a few months.

We treat our Induction software as the proper time to make a long-lasting impression with the brand new hire, build consider, and alignment with function expectations.

In the induction application we take them go through the enterprise’s imaginative and prescient, norms, and values we need them to imbibe. As a priority, we also cowl prison and compliance necessities for working at the company and the health and safety of the brand new employee.

We ensure the day isn’t all about enterprise and policies, it’s also about group constructing, and having amusing. The key's to make them recognize the middle values of the corporation greater almost consequently we encompass activities and games at some point of the induction system. This will make the team excited to kick off this new level in their careers

This could be observed by means of team lunch for an casual “meet and greet” with different crew individuals and management.

We finish the induction application by means of taking comments from employees, knowledge, and imposing the treasured inputs.


Generations in the past we may have thought “who cares approximately former personnel and their feedbacks?” It is herbal that there may be a moment of separation among the employee and the corporation, for numerous reasons.

We don’t like to lose our people, but whilst it happens for a motive beyond all people’s liking or manage, a new second of fact units in.

We are very worried about the reasons that the employee chooses to go away us, so we religiously conduct go out interview and elicit remarks from the employee. There may be matters there that require attention in the organisation, at various levels. We will do exquisite disservice to the HR characteristic, if we wouldn’t seize that pulse of the employee who is leaving.

Every exit is a new commencing of relationship. Perhaps we are able to examine from it, or we lease them back at later point in time, but in any case, they'll be ambassadors of the organisation’s tradition even once they left.

In today’s generation, poor exit interviews can erode a organisation brand, our potential to lease top talent also inner group morale, or even popularity with our customers.

But if we don’t analyze from the findings, the harm is tons deeper.

Our exit program incorporates


Employee exits aren’t smooth. But getting exits right or maybe getting them higher can have an crucial influence on each different issue of the corporation for this reason we take go out as important as onboarding.

While we hear clues approximately a likely departure and want to maintain that person, we make an sincere, suitable-faith attempt to improve the situation due to the fact that we consider that a “appropriate go out” starts lengthy before the last day of an employee with the agency.


We constantly start our go out method in view of retainment. We try to understand the worker’s need for resigning, analyze the situation, and help and recommend him/her in the proper course

Critical Observation

we are thrilled to express that we have a terrific report of retainment and maximum of our former employees strongly agree that they do not forget themselves to be part of our organization’s alumni community and re-joined us.

We ensure that when an ex-worker looks back on his time within the business enterprise, we need them to sense like they mattered, and they're happy with their contribution to the organization.

Exit Analysis

No rely how quick or prolonged go out interviews are, we evaluation every piece of statistics and do an analysis. We will notice if a certain team has a specifically high turnover fee or if any corporation coverage negatively impacted many personnel so one can lead us to do furthermore research to help management to do modifications to certain guidelines and teach groups on go out comments tendencies.

We believe that once completed well, exit interviews may be one of the most sizable methods you may explicit their organisation’s tradition. There’s plenty that may be found out approximately a employer’s values thru the eyes of an worker who has resigned that can advantage anybody concerned. Hence we supply the greatest significance to exit interview feedback.

This will assist us examine and flip it into a higher revel in for present personnel and flip former employees into emblem ambassadors.

New Normal

In this pandemic, our onboarding and offboarding methods are the equal but executing them surely is the brand new everyday.

Virtual onboarding

Company values extend past the partitions of the workplace and a brand new member must be felt welcome into that lifestyle. Remote running ought to no longer be a barrier to that.

Few steps that we are following which have demonstrated to be powerful in our virtual onboarding process:

Without the posh of assembly the crew contributors bodily, casual interactive classes are organized to hold the new worker cozy.

Taking the worker through a digital excursion through introducing supportive offerings like ICT, Finance, Facilities, and HR for a higher understanding of the corporation functionality.

We are having ordinary audio and video calls with new joiners to help them settle into their new roles.

Our digital onboarding wishes to be clever, efficient, and rapid too in order that it hampers worker’s capacity to perform their activity. Without orthodox crew meetings, it's miles necessary to digitally bind new personnel together.  techsmartinfo

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